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Dining Area


For a classic and timeless look in a traditional dining room, hardwood flooring is the best option. Between the different wood types and grains, as well as the varying stains that can be used, finding the perfect hue that works best in any room is easy to do.


Made to imitate wood grain, with just as many types and colors, this flooring goes with virtually any décor. It can maintain the formal look of a dining room and is also great for families with children.  If meal times are hectic, it helps to know that laminate flooring is stain resistant, water-resistant and easy to clean!


For homes in warm climates or patio-like dining rooms, tiled flooring is ideal.  Like other options, it is stain resistant and easy to clean.  It also comes in a variety of different hues and types, providing endless options for homeowners.


Carpet can also be used elegantly in a dining room as the primary flooring.  Better yet, certain brands of wall-to-wall carpeting are specially made to resist stains and moisture.  This means homeowners can host any dinner party without worrying about ruining the carpet!

Living Room

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is known for its timeless beauty and durability. It increases home value and adds warmth and character to any space. Recent strides have been made with factory-applied finishes.

Laminate Flooring

For active families, laminate flooring is a great option! New laminate floors have texture, color and grain variation with beveled edges to create a more realistic effect.

Tile Flooring

Due to the potential for damage due to plumbing leaks, consumers sometimes opt for tile in kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles are available to suit any decor. Ceramic tiles are either red-clay or white-clay bodies with a baked decorative glaze on the surface.



We are committed to doing things in a way that can only be defined as the best in its class. As the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of ceramic tile and natural stone, our vast resources allow us to be a true single source supplier for the flooring industry. Total Floors Inc works with Daltile to provide Tile Flooring.


We take great pride in the fact that we provide these spectacular products with a passion for great customer service. Whether we are working on a residential or commercial project with a homeowner, contractor, dealer, interior designer, architect or builder we are focused on providing professionalism, expertise, and guidance throughout the project and beyond. Total Floors Inc works with Conestoga to provide tile flooring.


Designing innovative flooring solutions that inspire great spaces…that’s what motivates and unites the people of Armstrong Flooring, Inc. We champion integrity, creativity, and sustainability to develop products with the power to positively impact the spaces where people live, work, learn, heal and play. Total Floors Inc works with Armstrong to provide hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and tile flooring.


Duchateau is an encompassing lifestyle brand, specializing in the fine manufacture of luxury architectural finishes from hardwood and vinyl flooring to wall coverings. We such believe showcasing the luxury and beauty of nature should not come at the detriment of nature itself. Total Floors Inc works with Duchateau to provide vinyl flooring.